Hello. I am very excited to find fellow business owners! Not only do I need resources here, I have resources to share.

My background is in corporate as an office admin. Then started as a RE investor, moving into mortgages, then into credit restoration and currently own and operate.

I can help many of you with improving your credit score or paying off your credit cards. I can direct you to the experts who will show you how to cut down your mortgage balance too. If you don't have a 680, we need to talk. Don't be shy and I have been there done that and you got to make a change or get left behind.

Now for really important information: private funding for business expansion, inhouse UW. Checkwriters. I am not a broker. We can consider startups.

Private unsecured personal lines of credit. 680 FICO.
We can fund almost any business in US 250K+ and international 25M+ and we have equity partners 12M+ (like shark tank but much larger $$$).
I will keep it short on this intro and follow guidelines.

So in a nutshell - anything to do with credit, debt, funding - I am your GAL !

You will find me on linkedin, fb and twitter. I don't have website links. I don't need at this time but that could change.

I am here to help you. Help me help you. Thanks!