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Thread: How did you come up with your business name?

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    Default How did you come up with your business name?

    If you have a business name, how did you come up with it?

    I'm trying to think of one, and I know that business names can be important.

    I thought I had one. But I found out it's already been taken. This would be my "top level" (i.e. parent) business.

    I've got a couple of names in mind, but they're names that I just like. I don't love them.

    And I'm trying to be in a position where this can be a business that I can pass on to my son at some point.

    So how did you come up with your business name?

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    1. the main thing or person needed to support something or to make it work or happen
    2. the point at which a bar, or something that is balancing, is supported or balances

    Definitions taken from
    Brad Miedema
    Fulcrum Saw & Tool

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    We used a "generic" version of our location (e.g. west harbor) along with the general category in which our services fit (e.g. recreation). It doesn't describe the specific business we are in nor identify our service area very well (we lead with those things in our advertising), but the name does allow us to expand our offerings, shift focus entirely, or even relocate, without having to change our name or corporate structure.

    One of the other businesses we are involved with already had a name. It's a place-based business and the name evokes a sense of place by combining into one word the two words that describe two important elements of the place (the harbor and the fields).

    ETA: one unfortunate thing about the second business's name is that about two decades after we were founded, the same name was adopted by a new school district in another state and a whole neighborhood, community, and associated organizations and businesses, have sprung up around that school and adopted its name as part of theirs (blanketyblank public library, blanketyblank deli, blanketyblank real estate, etc...). So a google search on just the name (without further qualifiers) turns up all those other places/businesses first...
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    Thank you both.

    Fulcrum, I hadn't considered using the dictionary. I'll look into that.

    I know there's one word I would really like to use. I just want to find something that's memorable.


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