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    Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum, but it looks like there is a wealth of information here. I am planning to start a RV and Boat storage business. I am just starting to look around at properties/lots in the area. It will be my first time doing something like this, and so I have a million questions. However, I'll start with a few key questions and go from there...

    1. I understand that finding a piece of land that is zoned correctly is the most important thing right now. What's the best way to do this? I have used Loopnet and a couple other real estate sites, but I dont see any option to filter on a specific zoning code. Do I need to start working with a commercial broker?

    2. Assume I find a lot that looks good and is zoned correctly, what are the next steps?

    3. How do I go about getting a site plan created? Would it be an architect that does this for me? Do I need to do that before purchasing the property?

    4. Who can help me file the necessary permits with the city to get approvals?

    Any information here would be very much appreciated.

    Ted Hernandez

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    1) Most municipalities publish a map of their zones, and would have the details in their ordinances, both of which you can probably find on their website. With those, you should be able to figure out what areas of town you should be looking in.

    2) Once you've found a candidate property, probably your first stop would be to talk to the planning department or code enforcement officer of the town to find out what you need to do to meet the town's requirements.

    3) Most likely you would work with a civil engineer rather than an architect. There may be engineering firms or other professionals who specialize in land use consulting.

    4) Your engineer/consultant should be able to help you with obtaining the permits, as will the code enforcement officer or town planner.

    Hope this helps.

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    A New York State licensed Professional Engineer (PE) or Registered Architect (RA) must submit construction plans to obtain a permit. A Department plan examiner will review the plans for any legal/zoning objections. When objections are satisfied, the Department will approve the application. A licensed PE or RA may also certify that plans conform to all applicable laws.

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