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    I am the owner of a concrete company in Abilene, TX! I am so glad to be able to join this site and being able to connect with a lot of business owners. The family has been in the concrete business for many generations and we are looking forward to connecting with other business owners in the industry. We do everything from concrete foundations, commercial concrete and all kinds of concrete flatwork. We have been lucky to have the family business the way it is and having a great team. I recently took on the task of building the business a site. Check it out and tell me what you think about it. I'm trying to get other business owners opinions on it to see what else I need to do to it! What are yall doing for website software and building? I am glad to see everyone answers and opinions on our new site and what everyone else is doing. Thank you, admin, for letting me be here! So glad to have the opportunity to connect with other business owners.

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    Welcome. I've done some concrete work in the past and there are days when I miss it.
    Brad Miedema
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    Thank you for welcoming me, yeah it has its good days and its bad days. It's nice to see it come along once you get started.


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