Hi there! Imagine my surprise yesterday when I stumbled into this forum and saw familiar names/faces! The dork in me got VERY excited. Some of the folks on this forum may remember me - I'm Jen. Used to run my own design firm called JW Design Center.

How have you all been?!

Quick re-cap on what i've been up to the past 9 years (holy crap has it really been THAT long?!)

I ran my design firm for about 7 years before I sold it to join the corporate rat race. I've worked for most of the large tech companies in Seattle, and now do User Experience Research and Business Strategy. I love what I do, but it's hard to imagine how far I've come over the years.

So what drew me here? Besides, of course, the familiar folks.... I started a side business in October. I manufacture products that I sell in my very own retail space - who knew I'd eventually open a brick and mortar of my own!? It's given me a totally new challenge - rather than marketing nationwide or internationally as I've done for so many years for so many companies - my side business is hyper-locally focused. Which is a very new challenge for me.

Physical products are a new world for me - as so much of my career has been focused on digital products and experiences. I'm super excited to discuss marketing tactics and business again with you all.

Hope you are all well - and I can't wait to hear from old members and friends. Tell me what you've been up to?!