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Thread: Need help in Growing Business

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    Default Need help in Growing Business

    I heard about digital marketing, but don't know much about it. Anyone know what it is and how it helps for increasing my business revenue? Any advice is much appreciated.

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    I may have advice but can you be specific when you write DIGITAL MARKETING?

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    Strategic partnerships are crucial to business growth. I see this in my industry, which is business lending, but it applies to almost any business.

    For example, at Lending Express we partner with over 50 business lenders and financial services companies to help our business customers access the right funding solution. We match small businesses with the best lender from our partners and even offer alternative financing solutions to businesses that donít yet qualify for a business loan, for example, through one of our credit card partners or personal loan partners.

    Tip: Be selective about who you partner with. We choose each partner with care and partner only with the top, most reputable lenders. No matter what your business does, make sure to partner only with businesses that share your values and best complement your business.

    How Partnerships Can Help Your Business Grow

    • Value-add to customers - partnerships bring value to customers by widening their scope of products or services, giving them more options and making them more likely to buy from you.
    • New customer base - you can expand your customer base by gaining access to your partnerís customers or leads.
    • Cross-marketing - youíll be marketing your partner and vice versa, giving you each new marketing channels with minimal effort.
    • Brand awareness - by partnering with a business with a solid reputation or well-known name in your target market, youíll be able to boost your brand awareness too.
    • New markets - if you partner with a business thatís already well-established in a new market you want to target, youíll get a foot into this new market without being an unknown.

    Case-Studies of Strategic Partner Success
    Fintechs are leading the way when it comes to partnerships. It seems as though every day a new partnership is emerging, for example, Square partnered with eBay in 2018, offering loans to eBay online merchants.
    Whether you have an online business or brick-and-mortar store, you can find ways to form strategic partnerships and boost your business.

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