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    Default Domain Name??

    In the past it was highly recommended to use a .com for a domain. I am starting a new business with a three digit acronym for a name. isn't available. Is it still highly recommended to use .com domains?

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    It is far better to stick with a dot com domain. can you do something like I don't like dashes but it is better than going with a .ws or .info Maybe a slight misspelling like akronym

    By the way I have heard some great review on as a domain provider. They are half the price of GoDaddy and NameCheap and have a much better dashboard than NameCheap.
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    ws was a MLM scam years ago. I hadn't thought about that recently.

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    I tell most people to stick with a .com.

    Personally I like other extensions and use them for myself and my own projects, but I'm fine with the extra hurdle of marketing a not so well known extension. For instance I love .one. My .one domain is one my favorites. I also like .io for a "tech" crowd because they're used to seeing other extensions, and have used .it in the past.

    But most "normal" people still assume and recognize .com. For some reason when you give them a different extension other than .com, .net, or .org their brain freezes up and they can't comprehend that there is no .com at the end of the domain so like a Rumba that keeps bumping into the wall they keep trying to add it anyway..

    Them: "So is it"
    Me: No. It's just .one."
    Them: So where do I put the .com?"

    It's a real pain. Even worse when it's an email address.

    If we're recommending registrars, I find Hover very easy to do business with and manage.
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    Yes, Com domain is preferred, But you can also go for .co,

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    I think that the obsession with dot com sites has certainly lessened over the years.

    There are now more and more country based extensions and interesting named extensions that work really well with specific niches.

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    There are currently over 400 new TLLD names - even if you have a .com web site, these new TLLD can be used for branding
    and advertising purposes.

    Example, the domain name


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