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Thread: Need help growing my small business

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    Quote Originally Posted by beetee View Post
    Hi Chris, This is a great niche market !!! I would suggest Rachel Miller on fb will help you with her program. Maybe focus on the need more than the want. She knows what she is doing! Also your website does not state anything about you and why you started this company and business.
    Right. Structure the website as a information page from you to one other person. Because there is only one person looking at your page at a time.
    The more specific your intended target person, the more likely they respond.

    The closer to "I got lotta stuff for everyone!" the lower the total response rate.

    If you only sell to "redheads," then redheads take notice.
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    • Build a sales funnel. The first way to quickly grow your business is by building a sales funnel.
    • Utilize a customer management system.
    • Research the competition.
    • Create a customer loyalty program.
    • Identify new opportunities.
    • Build an email list.
    • Form strategic partnerships.
    • Leverage global platforms.
    • Follow these things it will help you!
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