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Thread: Why Brands Love Facebook Messenger

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    Facebook Messenger recently reached 1.2 billion monthly users, just 20 months after it reached 500m. Messenger experienced explosive growth and companies are exploiting it. Creating an approachable "persona" that suits individuals preferences based on the user's history provided by Messenger.

    Social media platforms have significantly changed the dynamics of how brands and customers interact. Whereas in the past people were limited to phone calls and emails, today, Twitter feeds, Facebook pages, and Instagram photos have become major hubs for companies to connect with consumers, and to offer better services.

    Even though social media outreach remains a vital component, companies are always in search of better ways to connect with consumers, and while public profiles are a great place for companies and their customers to interact, service through these channels is public and can be messy when customers have complaints or feel wronged.

    For the full article about facebook marketing messenger methods.
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    Been using fb ads from 1 year and i must say i am a big fun of fb ads due to its low cost and high engagement.

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    Of course, brands love messaging tools, no matter it's Facebook or Instagram. Through direct messaging, they can reach their targeted audience by informing them directly about their product or services (also in case of recently launched).


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