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Thread: A quick update on things

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    Default A quick update on things

    First of all as you can see the forum is back up. We hit a major snag moving to a new server and it took a few days to resolve. Sorry about that.

    The Go Fund Me campaign started picking up steam, and it also created some new opportunities for the forum going forward with better support, and more resources. Since things changed from the original donation campaign, I have refunded everyone's donation to the fundraiser. If you haven't received notice of your refund, or the actual refund itself please let me know.

    Thank you so much, some of you really stepped up to help out and I really appreciate it. But for the most part there wasn't much help from the community at the time that I needed it so I had to make some hard decisions and move on them quickly.

    Going forward, the forum is now in good shape, with new opportunities, and new things are happening.

    More updates soon to follow. Otherwise business as usual.
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