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Thread: How to start a business with no support

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    I will say save some cash first to pay your bills. When the saved enough cash then go on and start your business.

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    That's a tricky place to be in with a lot to consider. I agree with the earliest posts; there are ways to save money as you start up a business. It can still be scary, and you should build up some savings (maybe via a second job for awhile), but it's doable. Don't feel like you have to get all of your materials or machinery new (depending on what your business is). Buy things secondhand from Goodwill, ebay, auctions. Ask for advice.
    Good luck!

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    Make sure the idea is a business idea and not just an idea. Ask questions - if no one has done it is there a demand? Have you spoken to potential customers? Will there be enough customers for it to be a viable long term business?

    Listen to the naysayers - ask them questions - what are they concerned about? Why are they concerned? Understand that your thinking is biased in one direction (confirmation, anchoring, overconfidence, etc) and theirs in another (negative).

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    I cannot stress this enough you need to sell a unique product.
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