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    Cool Hello

    Hello all, it is great to join this group of business - oriented people.

    My name is Eimantas and i am owner of Lithuanian company "Sprendimai pramonei" (which translates to "Industrial solutions")

    Personal background:

    Currently full-time employed R&D Manager at water meter manufacturing company, previous experience with quality management, process engineering and other manufacturing-related topics. Almost 10 years of experience within manufacturing environment.

    Along-side my full-time employment me and two of my previous colleagues have started the company Industrial solutions which manufactures efficiency-oriented (LEAN) aluminum profile furniture for industrial and manufacturing applications. Currently expanding our operations into the stainless-steel kitchen equipment operations.

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    Welcome to the forum Eimantas. It sounds like an interesting business. So are you actually manufacturing those products or are you reselling someone else's product.
    Ray Badger, Turbo Technologies, Inc.

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    Hi there. I hope you are enjoying good health.
    Welcome to the forum.


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