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    I had an online business which was quite profitable for many years. It eventually failed for a variety of reasons. I have been inactive for about two years. I am interested in starting something new. I am semi retired. I need to make several thousand dollars / month and can take a couple of years to ramp up to that.

    My last business required 12 hour plus days on my part. You could buy on my website, but it really was a consultative sell. A technical sell as well. I had to spend hours on the phone to sell a product. Typical orders typically were in the $2k to $7k range with orders for less or more happening. I no longer have access to the product I was selling. It was a very niche product and I placed in the top several G searches for key products. It was a B2B product.

    I know times have changed. but sales hasn't. My first task is finding a product which is suitable for selling online.

    I know this is a pretty open ended question, but any advice on where to go from here would be appreciated.

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    Inactive for 2 years will surely decreased the established traffic on the website and its better to make a new trend site for the users.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffscott View Post
    Inactive for 2 years will surely decreased the established traffic on the website and its better to make a new trend site for the users.
    I don't plan on using the old site. It still does place high for some key searches but I don't have access to those products

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    Have you thought about learning something in the field of IT or Cybersecurity? It's a booming field with 2 jobs open for every applicant and new companies opening every day.
    The big area right now is people developing automated security and monitoring systems and systems that integrate AI. Someone has to be selling these security systems.

    I would think if sales is where you want to be, that it wouldn't take much for you to get up to speed. Maybe get a couple of certs like a Comptia A+, Network + or Security + so that you know what you're talking about to be able to sell the products. Or get them all and try to get into the field as a tech.

    Or just networking equipment and services in general. All the companies must have salesman. I doubt that CEO's are just picking up the phone and calling Amazon and saying "Give me your best enterprise cloud solution and charge my Master Card".

    There's a ton of hardware, software and services products that need sales people.

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    That's an interesting idea Harold, and I do have contacts in the field...



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