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Thread: Forum backlinks are worthless for SEO and here's why

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    Default Forum backlinks are worthless for SEO and here's why

    As a forum admin I can obviously see every new user registration and every detail about where they come from. It's normal for a forum to get a ton of registrations for accounts that are never used, but the person has taken the time to create backlinks to whatever their thing is.

    Some of these are individuals are still running on 2005 strategies, and some are SEO "professionals" who think that is a successful strategy for their clients, and in rare cases its an automated script.

    The reason these are futile SEO tactics is because all the tricks are old and I or the other admins are going to delete your account, block your IP, and put you in a blacklist database and a few other things . Hardly worth the effort to keep changing IP addresses, identities, and emails to keep employing a strategy that does not work.

    Also, Google doesn't give forum backlinks the weight they used to. Actually, they pretty much don't give them any. The old days of self manipulation are over.
    Forum signatures are helpful for letting members get to know each other, promote their businesses, and maybe reach out for contact when you want to investigate doing business with someone.

    But as an SEO strategy, that was over 5 years ago.

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    If the backlink is related to the forum site it will considered as a source to the members so it will pass reputation.


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