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Thread: Why Social Media Marketing is needed for business ?

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    Default Why Social Media Marketing is needed for business ?

    Because it is the right solution at right time can ensure an exponential business growth for your company.

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    Please expand on this as I'm curious how this would apply to a tier 1 automotive supplier.
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    It is because social media is the most widely used medium in the web in which you can reach your target audience and introduce your business.

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    Actually, in these days, a lot of people are using social media for one purpose or the other and it becomes one of the best way to promote business online.

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    We do almost all of our marketing on facebook and instagram. I have a gift shop at a popular tourist destination so we tend to promote the destination itself through unique photos instead of posting product ads and what have you. And then when people are there they remember us from the social media as if we are almost part of the destination experience itself. We are not the only gift shop and our biggest rival does no website advertising at all, instead relying totally on foot traffic walking by. They look on in sheer wonder when they see passersby run to our shop as if we were an attraction ourselves. They haven't been that hurt by it yet and I don't even think it's dawned on them what our approach has been but it's working for us and that's what matters. The trick is in being truly creative. You can't just post pictures of the place, you have to come up with your own unique concepts for the destination that people will remember.

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    Social media can work great, I find in my line of business that a healthy mix of lifestyle and ad posts works good!
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    Not all social media is good for all business. It depends on behaviors of your customers.

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    Social media can help a business in many ways.
    How social media can be used for business:
    1. Business Branding
    2. Business Awareness
    3. Promotion of products
    4. Listening to customer queries.

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    Social media is not the right thing for every business, and you will find more and more that brands are moving away from Facebook specifically. Instagram is still a hit, especially for fashion and lifestyle brands...but what everyone above is describing is advertising. Like advertising effective social media marketing requires a strategy, and some kind of budget to create the engaging content...that you then need to pay to promote if you ever hope anyone is going to see it other than the same 8 people.

    It's not as easy as you're all making it out to be, and not as effective as it used to be 5 years ago. Having a lot of followers is not the same thing as having that same number of customers and most small businesses don't convert followers into customers at a rate that makes the ROI worth it. Again, depends on the business and what the product is, and how well your overall all marketing of that product or service is. Social media won't do it for it, it's just a place to amplify it.
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    How important is social media for business success? In a recent poll, 46% of consumers use social media in making purchase decisions. When almost half of all consumers rely on social media, it is extremely important to not only be on social media, but to use it to convey the right messages that will lead to consumers choosing you over the plethora of available options.
    if you don’t have a steady stream of content, then your page is going to be filled with dead air. For a platform like Facebook dead air can be a day or two of zero content. For Twitter and its rapid pace, dead air can occur if you’re not posting more than 3 times a day. If you don’t have a steady stream of content, your page will look dead and your audience will just move on.
    Your content needs to achieve one of three things: be entertaining, informative or helpful to potential customers. If it’s not doing one of those things then you need to rethink your content strategy. Also, be sure to mix it up and offer some variety. Nobody wants to be sold to in every post they see. The best format is to offer two pieces of entertaining, informative, or helpful pieces of content for every sales pitch you make.


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