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Thread: Pets as art

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    I'm against of using pets for a pleasure, they are also alive and have feelings

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobjob View Post
    "I think that in the next century or two we won't be able to eat meat any more, or we'll be eating lab-grown meat, because we'll have sufficient evidence proving that the animals we eat are just as sentient and intelligent as we are."

    I agree, but I do love steak.
    I don't think it will take a century or two for lab grown meat. One of the hot stocks right now is a company called "Beyond Meat" which produces hamburgers made from peas that supposedly look like hamburger, cook like hamburger and taste like hamburgers. I am sure if they can do hamburgers now steak will be done in the next decade or two. Outlawing eating meat may take longer. Dogs do seem pretty smart to me. Cows I am not so sure.
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