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Thread: Review Management Software that helps SEO?

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    Default Review Management Software that helps SEO?

    Does anyone have experience with a review management software that will help my SEO and have my business reviews go to MY website and not some random website?

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    From experience reviews that are only on your website will not help your SEO or online marketing as a whole one bit.
    The benefit of having your reviews on places like Google, Yelp, Angie's List and so on, is that having a presence in those places is an additional listing for your company on a site with far more credibility and rankings than yours. You also benefit from people possibly seeing your company there when they would have never otherwise have heard of you.

    In Google, for instance, your reviews can be part of your website's listing in the search results side bar giving your presence more credibility, and providing users with more information without having to click through.

    When you only put them on your website no one sees them unless they are on your website.
    Your reviews by themselves are not a search that anyone is going to make when they've never heard of you in the first place.

    IMO the best place to have reviews is Google and Yelp. Reviews there are part of search results, where as reviews somewhere like Facebook is a closed system that does not show up in search and only serves your Facebook page, not your website and company in the search engines.

    Ultimately what you want
    is to own every position on the first page when people are searching for you specifically, and have as many opportunities to be found when they are searching for your kind of services generally.
    You can't do that with your website alone. You need to be out there on different, credible, sites that people actually use and who's pages are indexed in the search results.

    Since Google owns most of the world's search traffic and they have a bunch of other tools for you and your business that does things like listing your phone number and business hours in your Google My Business listing which will usually display along side your website's serp listing, that's my first suggestion.

    If your business provides a service and has a location, Yelp is also a good place to be.
    I would recommend choosing the one that best fits with your business and target audience and stick with it, rather than having reviews all over the place. Although sometimes you can't prevent people from leaving a Yelp review even if you don't have an account there, In that case, create one. Don't let them exist in an unmanaged vacuum.

    If you want some of the reviews on your site to enhance your sales presentation, copy and paste... and link to the main review page.
    So far I haven't seen a way to syndicate your own reviews from Yelp or Google to appear on your site.

    JMO of course. Hope it helps.

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    Default Review Management Software that helps SEO

    It would greatly help if you could find out the name and manufacturer of the software that requires this ominous audio database management software.This sounds to me like it was referring to another software by the same manufacturer.

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    A very warm thanks, Harold! Honestly, I didn't understand anything even after reading stuff give over search engines and blogs.

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    I agree with this, any way to get your business name out on multiple platforms is good. I know that when I search a business on google, if there several search results do not come up I would think the company is unreliable or not popular. I think the more reviews of your business the better, any type of recognition is good.


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