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Thread: Free open source tool and app builder

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    Default Free open source tool and app builder

    Smart Apps Creator 3 - the most powerful interactive multimedia tool

    No coding skill, convert to Android / Apple app, HTML5, great for digital content design

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    I don't think that it will be good solution for business application. For this purpose better will be to work with professional developers. For example I worked with Intelelctsoft enterprise software development company when I was developing my own application. They provide a big variety of different solutions and can develop any app for IOS or Android.

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    Android Studio is the best free android app developer tool.....

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    I see this app looks like it wraps up HTML 5 internally. I do agree with that part of it, however I debate how complex an application you can make without having to delve into some type of coding. I'd definitely use HTML 5 & cordova over a normal phone app where possible because it gives you options later on to port it to iOS, chrome extension, SaaS online etc. I think programmers would be the first to embrace drag and drop app building if it worked well and saved time, but I've never seen anything that lived up to the hype.
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