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    Hello dear community. My name is Lukas and I am new here. I would like to introduce myself a little and also I would like to kindly ask you for help.

    I am 18 years old student from Central Europe. For a long time I wanted to create something where students will be able to contact entrepreneurs more easily and also entrepreneurs will be able to attract more students, get cheaper price for work…

    I have created such website alongside with mobile app (currently only for iOS). It does not have any content yet and very few users. So I would like to kindly ask you for help. Will you please be my beta testers? Will you please post offers there and use website + app? I need some feedback because I know that there may be a lot of bugs.

    Here is a quick list of features:
    - create new market offer
    - answer to market offer
    - set interesting categories for offers
    - contact author of offer
    - live chat
    - create surveys/polls for users (private or public)
    - see answers of people
    - create group for users (private or public)
    - search (by name, category, type …)
    - update profile and settings

    For now I won’t post link to website and won’t release beta link for my app yet. I would like to know if you would do this for me. If so, I will release both website and iOS app beta link. Thank you.

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    I would love to help but only have android and windows


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