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Thread: Chatbots for B2C - The Case of E-tailers

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    Default Chatbots for B2C - The Case of E-tailers

    Hi everybody,

    As part of my master thesis, I am conducting a survey that should identify the behavior and attitude of online shoppers towards chatbots. I would be super happy, if you take up to 10 minutes to fill out the questionnaire.

    Many thanks in advance for your support and best regards

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    Hi Niklas. Sorry no one has replied to your thread so far. I started to take your survey, but had to stop after a few minutes. Too many of your questions made assumptions about what I thought in advance and none of the answers to the questions really applied. Even the first question. You asked what words do I associate with chat bots and three of your answers would be phrases I equally associated with chat bots, but I can only choose one.

    I thought instead I would quickly sum up my thoughts about chat bots.

    I don't care for them and have no interesting in using one. That might change in a future when they're actually intelligent, but I don't see where anything labeled artificial intelligences at the moment, is remotely intelligent. I feel fairly confident that in the near future, chatbots will just be programmed responses to the most common questions and will become more elaborate phone menu options and will exist only to save the cost of hiring customer service people.

    If at some point they truly become intelligent, that's great, but until that time I'd much rather speak to a real human being that can hopefully think outside the script.
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