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Thread: "French from 974" introducing himself

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    My post has disappeared after editing !

    Here it is again :

    Hi to everybody !

    As my pseudonym tells you, I am french (from a very distant and remote location whose code is 974).
    Sorry for all the english mistakes I'll do. That's the reason why I use this pseudo. People can see at once I am foreigner who is not fluent in english.

    I have discovered your country in 2015 (Florida). I decided to settle here as soon as possible because I feel better in the USA than in France (which is now a decadent country). Unfortunately it is not possible for the moment due to family problems.

    So I take much informations possible in order to be able to work when i'll be here.

    I would like to register a sole proprietorship as to make a product I intend to sell to a network of partners that would buy it to sell and install it. As it is a new process and product without competitors, I suppose they will be happy to do the rate they want.

    Of course, I will have to get answers to several questions, because I know nothing about the laws and rules of the USA. That's the reason why I've registered in this forum.

    The first question I'm going to ask (I do not know where yet*) is: Can a foreigner, so someone who does not have US citizenship neither a green card can register a sole proprietorship? Is a work visa enough ?

    Before the moment I will settle in the USA, I will have to do or make do some market studies as to determine the best retail tariff in comparison with the costs. People who will agree to do so, will probably be my first business partners.

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    Welcome to the forum French from 974. Just so you know, it was the link you added the caused the post to disappear. Your account doesn't have linking privileges yet. It will once you're here a little longer. No need to apologize for your English. You speak English far better than I speak French. I might still be able to count to 10 in French and I can probably recognize a few words, but that's about it.

    It's funny that you said France is now decadent, because I bet many here in the U.S. would consider Miami a city on the decadent side. You didn't specifically say that's where in Florida you live, but I found the connection funny.

    I know you asked your question about setting up a sole proprietorship in another thread, but I'll add a couple of thoughts here. First, you want to look through the website for the Florida Department of State. The link will take you to a page about starting a business in Florida, but the rest of the site should have information as well. You can also give the department a call and they'll have better answers for you than any of us will.

    Usually to become a sole proprietor you don't have to do anything. The IRS treats you as an individual. You typically register your business name with the state you live in and you're done. I never thought about the question of citizenship though. I would think as long as you're allowed to work in the U.S., you'd be able to open a sole proprietorship, but I honestly don't know.

    Hope something in there helps. Welcome again. I look forward to getting to know you and thanks for joining the community.
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    Welcome to the chaos! :-):-)

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