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Thread: LLC Partnership and splitting profits

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    My partner and I just established ourselves as an LLC doing consulting in education. We agreed that profits and work load would be 50/50. So far so good with that. Although we help each other with everything, he focuses more on networking, marketing, and meeting with district officials, and I focus more on curriculum design and professional development presentations. We co-facilitate all professional development workshops and any other in-person consulting services.

    He is helping me get a solo consulting contract at the district where he works at by introducing me to the right people and putting in a good word for me. He cannot be hired as my partner for this particular district because of his role there and so it would be a conflict of interest, which means that I will be facilitating workshops and other services on my own when on-site. I can definitely handle doing that, so that's not the issue. And I know that he will help me with designing presentations or give input if I ask him. He is asking for 10% of whatever I get offered for this solo consulting contract, since he is helping me get the contract. Would this be considered fair?


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    Actually that seems more than fair. Consider it a "commission".

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    Thank you Paul!


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