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Thread: Waving From Chicagoland

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    Default Waving From Chicagoland

    Hi all, looking forward to reading, learning and posting.

    I was in the tech industry for a long time in product and software development. I've started a copywriting and UX writing business as well as independently published a first Kindle novel. I have a handful of regular clients. My goal this year is to get more repeat clients and market the company better. I'm revamping my website to improve the marketing aspect. After that, it's tackling social media.

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    Welcome to the forum mscuasay. Sounds like we have similar backgrounds. I spent a decade designing and developing websites and I recently stopped offering those services so I could write full time, though in my case I'm not writing for clients, but for myself.

    I look forward to getting to know you and thanks for joining the community.
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    I think you'll find much in common with many in this community. We have a solid concentration of web, writing, marketing, tech people but there are a diverse group of others too. Welcome aboard.
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    Welcome to the forum. As the two Steves said, I think you will find a lot of kindred souls here.


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