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Thread: Thinking of buying a business

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    [Alicia and George, As a former banker (20 years and on the mend ... smile) and a broker who is always looking for attention (smile), I am very impressed by [ ] . He has amassed a great group of financing options and lenders who are responsive and very helpful in explaining his key points. In just a week and a half, I have several options for my clients that my other associations / networks did not realize. Thanks! I will be using this resource for quite some time. If you ever need any support, don't hesitate to call. "
    --Melanie contact

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    Hi, I have suggested topic that helps to grown business online.
    Here is the full blog to read

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dream Data View Post
    Request the financials (P&Lís and balance sheet) and have your accountant review them in detail.

    itís like doing blood work on a business
    Easier said than done.
    Brad Miedema
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    The business broker can help facilitate the process, looks after your best interests. The commission is generally the same, paid by the seller I believe, whether its split 50/50 or 100% to the selling broker is the only question, and that doesn't affect you.


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