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Thread: How do you feel about using only Social Media marketing?

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    I am failing with my marketing to Facebook locals
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    I think it's one tool of many that should be utilized - depends on the product or service you're trying to sell imo.
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    Actually, it's the only one I use - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, etc.
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    Absolutely. One of many tools.
    Also the OP did not state what they are selling.
    From what I read here, what is the definition of SMM.
    I am not a pro but I have business coming to me by learning strategies online. I am self taught for the most part and stumble along. There are PLENTY OF VIDEOS where you learn to market.

    I have not made videos of myself because that is a FEAR factor seriously.

    I am going to chamber of commerce soon and next week I am attending meetups. So I have a combination of getting into the offline and online community. I place ads online too.

    TIP: who is your target market? if it is B2B - linkedin is great. if it is B2C - where do your customers hang out?

    I am both. I am very strategic and God created me that way. So I think the end and go backwards on how to reach the customer.
    I hope that helps.


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