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Thread: Discussion about tv show "The Profit" or any other businesss-related show

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    Quote Originally Posted by turboguy View Post
    I do have to wonder as well how so many who seem to have obvious character flaws and in some cases a lack of business knowledge make it as far as they did.
    I wonder this all the time. So far based on experience, I've come up with a few answers:

    1. People lie. They portray themselves as having bootstrapped it all with nothing, but in reality their business is more of a hobby that doesn't make much money and their lifestyle is actually funded by a spouse or some other source.

    2. Ignorance is bliss. Some people have one skill that works, but have no skills in anything else. This can carry you a long time if things never change.

    3. They have or had one good client when they started and never learned to actually build a sustainable business if they lost that one client.

    4. They have an in demand, highly lucrative skill that they are so good at that others overlook how crappy they are at running a business.

    5. Back to lying. They spend it all on looking successful without having ever built any actual success.

    6. Good old boys club. It's all connections and friends who throw them business and they only need to put forth minimal effort to keep the gravy train coming.

    I used to get upset and say things like "how did this idiot get so far?" until I realized whatever they're doing to be more successful than me works, and apparently I'm the idiot for not doing it too. Today I say whatever works. Kudos to anyone who makes it no matter how they make as long as it's legal and they aren't ripping people off.

    On the flip side of everything listed above, I've seen people who knew they were lacking in a lot of skills and knowledge, knew one thing well, busted ass to get few good contracts or sales or whatever to bring in some money, and were smart enough to hire someone to help with the rest of the stuff.

    The worst thing any business owner can do is work in a bubble, only listen to themselves, and think that they don't need any help from anyone.
    I think being honest from the beginning about your limitations and where you need help is the smartest thing any business owner can do. It helps you focus on the things that you are good at and really knock them out of the park.

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    Nice post Harold. I think you covered a lot of good points in one post. Very well thought out.
    Ray Badger, Turbo Technologies, Inc.


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