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Thread: Businesses worth getting cardboard boxes from ?

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    Default Businesses worth getting cardboard boxes from ?

    I'm in the middle of helping my nephew move and ( as a result ) I'm on the hunt for cardboard boxes . I'm especially interested in getting them for free , since I happen to be a bit short on money .

    I've talked to a number of people and some of them said that liquor stores are the best places to ask for such boxes . Is there any truth to any of this ? What types of businesses are the best places to look for free cardboard boxes in general ?

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    Most any major retailer will set boxes aside for a customer who asks for them; Walmart, Target...
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    Recycling centers are the best place.

    A liquor store, a gas station, a business that is privately owned.

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    You can also check out your community's recycling center! They will give out free cardboard boxes and large bags.


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