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Thread: New car/ Used car services question

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    Hey there, first post and I'm glad to be here.

    I'm hoping one of you guys or gals can point me in the right direction. I own an automotive detail company. Up to this point, it has only been a retail business. Well, we are starting a contract with a dealership where our services will be offered, and paid for, through the financing of the vehicle. My question is, how would i get paid out of this? Who would cut me the check, since its being financed through the bank? There are a million financing avenues, so I'm a little confused.


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    I'm not sure any of us can answer since it depends on what you worked out. I would assume the dealership pays you based on the contract. You'd be working for the dealership and not specifically the customer. The bank in this case has nothing to do with you and I can't imagine they'd pay you anything. The dealership be the ones who pay you, whether at the you do the work or on a weekly or monthly basis depending on how many vehicles you work on or some other method. It should be spelled out in the contract.

    This is really a question for the dealership. They're going to be the ones that pay you and how should be mentioned in the contract. I would definitely talk to them and find out the details before committing to doing the work.
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    I second vangogh's response. You should have an agreement with the dealership that spells this out in such a way you wouldn't need to ask here. Welcome aboard though. You'll find us very helpful for a number of business issues, and even this one has you pointed in the right direction.
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