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Thread: how to promote new website and do seo??

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    I think, you should also focus on proper SEO and SMO of your site and you should also focus on the quality back links of your site. If you have enough budget then you can also advertise your site so that your site can reach to more and more audience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HumaneHosting View Post
    In short don't just sit there and expect traffic because that isn't going to happen. Find a way to get out there and show everyone who you and your business is!
    Definitely agree with that! Have you considered doing any sem? There are plenty of options out there for that. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and what not. I found a good article about seo and ppc. This article goes into detail about both, but I think the main point is don't expect miracles.

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    New website will take time to establish and the site pages must comply on the user needs and expectations.

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    SEo is always a good thing to start with for a new website but with a long term view as you can not do it in less time and so promoting your website with social media could be a wise decision to get more visitors to your website.
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    I think you are getting good number of visitors with the passage of time because i have just check it on an online site growth site. I think you should also add blog section where you can post latest blogs relating to your site. You can additionally add any other relevant blogs from obtaining any Legitimate source like Wikipedia and Qanda. As far as SEO is concern, you need to have a maximum number of quality back links that will improve your site's worth.

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    Well, to be honest. There are number of things which makes the site rank high in Google. I used to ask Omni Paper to right articles for me because one has to be more careful about keyword density. Then there came an On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. You should focus on both of them.

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    First do the On Page optimization and build backlinks to those URLs. In the mean do classified sites, image sharing and quora to drive traffic to the website.


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