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Thread: Paypal - do you need money in your PayPal account to pay someone ?

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    Default Paypal - do you need money in your PayPal account to pay someone ?

    Hi when you pay someone with PayPal is it necessary to have a balance equal to the amount want to pay in PayPal at that time that pay them or will PayPal email you and let you know that all of them so much money.

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    If you don't have a balance in your account, PayPal will draw the funds from your linked bank account or your linked credit card.

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    Technically you don't need a Pay Pal account to pay someone in Pay Pal or to pay a Pay Pal invoice. You can pay them with any debit or credit card straight to their personal account via their payment link or they made a request for money to your email, or have them send you an invoice from their business account and pay them that way.

    When paying them, if you use an email address or credit card that is already connected to a Pay Pal account, Pay Pal will force you to use that account to pay. It's a force field that you cannot get out of. It will not give you an option to pay any other way.

    Also, be careful making or receiving payments for business to a personal Pay Pal account. Many times, especially with new accounts, there's a default box checked that says it's an eBay sale. In that case Pay Pal holds the money until the payee confirms that they have received the product for ( I believe) 21 days.


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