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Thread: Can someone review my website

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    Default Can someone review my website


    We recently launched our website: and I'm looking for some feedback on what we've got so far. I'm looking for constructive criticism on what we could do better, and what you think works well.


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    In general I thought it looked pretty good. It was appealing graphically, had a nice balance and color scheme, The navigation was straightforward.

    One negative. The first sentence I saw on your site said:

    "Guaranteed increase of your web site sales"

    That really doesn't sound right to me. Perhaps something like "Guaranteed to increase your web site's sales" or "Guaranteed to increase sales from your web site"

    I also thought your about you information can be improved and that having contact information for your firm on the footer of every page would make people more likely to respond.
    Ray Badger, Turbo Technologies, Inc.


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