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Thread: I have to select between Magento and WooCommerce for my store, which one to choose?

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    Default I have to select between Magento and WooCommerce for my store, which one to choose?

    I am starting an online apparel store, which will have around 100 products to start with. I need a platform has good performance and unlimited customization options. I have narrowed down my ecommerce platform list to just two: Magento and WooCommerce. I would have considered Shopify, but it can get expensive. WooCommerce is easy to setup, but has performance issues. Magento has great performance, but little complicated to setup. Which one should I choose? Is a trade off between performance and ease of use necessary?

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    Most of my experience is with Woo Commerce, so I can address that part of your question.

    First of all, nothing is unlimited customization, but Woo is more so than anything in capable hands that follow at least basic best practices. It has a ton of support, integrations that increase it's functionality. You won't be at a loss to find add-ons for it. Styling changes can be easily done with some CSS knowledge.

    As for the performance issues that you've heard about, it's not completely accurate.

    WooCommerce is a very robust platform, but as with anything it's performance is dependent on how knowledgeable the person running it is. It's not slow out of the box. People screw it up, throw a bunch of junk on it, and make it slow.

    The speed and responsiveness of your WordPress site as a whole depends on how it's built and what you're trying to run it on. If you're running Woo Commerce on the cheapest hosting possible, along with 40 other unnecessary or out of date plug ins, on old versions of PHP because that's all your host offers,'re going to have performance issues. Not because of Woo Commerce, but because of all of the other things that are affecting the performance of the website in general.

    Which ever you decide to use, make sure you include the cost of an SSL in your decision. Many hosts are now offering free SSL's for WordPress sites. I highly recommend that you have one on your site.

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    WooCommerce is the way to go if you plan on having less than a few thousand SKUs. Performance (if properly setup on GOOD hosting) and configured correctly should not be an issue.


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