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Thread: Stock Monitoring Retail and Wholesale Quanties

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    Default Stock Monitoring Retail and Wholesale Quanties

    We sell disposable tableware in both full wholesale cartons and individual packs on our website Mashers UK.

    Would anyone have any experience with how to manage stock online for such a setup (we are about to build a new magento site).

    e.g. if we have in stock 5 full cases of product1 which contains 12 individual pieces of product1p, we then have available to sell either 5 full cases or 12 pieces x 5 = 60 pieces.

    In terms of stock management how would we keep track of this mixture of quantities, if for example 2 packs were sold we effectively no longer have 5 full cases available, likewise, if 1 full case was sold we no longer have 60 individual packs available to sell.

    Is there any software or perhaps just a simple technique which could efficiently keep track of stock if items are sold in both wholesale and retail quantities from the same catalogue.

    Many Thanks

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    One way that comes to my mind would be that if your accounting program handled assemblies you could set up a case as being 12 packs and if you sold a case it would remove 12 packs and if you sold 3 packs it would remove .25 of a case.
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