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Thread: Help on posting to FB

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    I think high quality pictures and short descriptions are the way to go. If they just want to buy something from you they don't need an elevator pitch for your business.

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    If not for selling on Facebook I wouldn't even be on Facebook. I could care less what Facebook people are doing. If my family or friends (real friends, not Facebook friends) does something important they can text or call. I don't know why everyone seems to need Facebook but hey.... it makes me a lot of money so I'm glad people feel the need. I use a personal account because that's all I use that account for anyway. I haven't seen anyone use Facebook to the extent that I do because I have figured out a way around Facebook jail if you post to too many groups. I actually encouraged one of my competitors to post on a lot of Facebook groups knowing he would get booted! LMAO He went back to Craigslist


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