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Thread: "SEO and Social Media Friends or Strangers?"

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    Smile "SEO and Social Media Friends or Strangers?"

    What do you think about this article: "SEO and Social Media Friends or Strangers?"

    Do you think that Social Media contributes to better SEO?
    In my opinion it helps a lot, but in not so direct way. Profile in social media won't help you to get higher rank on Google but it will help you to build your reputation, which in fact is an important part of SEO services.
    The article was edited by me and you will help me a lot if you share your opinion here.

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    To my point of view, social media really helps with SEO. Social media platforms helps to raise brand awareness that will definitely help to get a higher position on Google.
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    Seo and social media are friends because their signals resonates with each other to achieve the one of the same goals as building reputation.

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    It is very helpful for SEO. Social media helps to drive more traffic to the website and gives backlink to the website. Backlinks is most important factor for SEO.

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    Its true, social media helps in SEO. Social sharing directly increases the visibility of a page. That increased visibility means it may get noticed by a creator of content, such as a blogger, journalist, or author. That creator may mention it in a subsequent piece of content. If they linked to it, that page is then more likely to rank.

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