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Thread: Now i'm thinking of starting SEO blog but without real content, so what do you think?

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    Default Now i'm thinking of starting SEO blog but without real content, so what do you think?

    I am just aiming to begin a new SEO blog to talk about some of my real case studies and lot's of workable blueprints, although rather than wasting my & readers time reading 1000+ words per article.

    Now i am thinking about turning articles into wide-screen interactive slideshows with 20% text, 80 percent visual content, in order to make it more attractive to those who dislike to spend their whole day reading sole article.

    I feel this is may be something that worth working on
    But really need to listen to your thoughts so what do you think about it?

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    Very difficult type of blog to get any real traction on.

    First off, if the blog itself isn't highly ranked and trafficked, no one will read it.
    Second, there are some real experts in the field, free resources from Google, online classes, and so much more content than there was even 5 years ago that I think it would very hard to compete on both a knowledge and professional presentation of the info.

    Third, the average website owner, and small business owner doesn't care enough to learn anything about it, they get bored easily, and they give up when something doesn't work immediately, so along with 1 and 2, the market is smaller now and they have more places to go.

    If you have a realistic plan to overcome those things, go for it.

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    A blog without real content can consider as unknown page or dummy in which no one to offer for the target audiences.


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