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Thread: Should use Google Plus for Websites Promotion?

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    To be honest we didn't really consider using Google+ We only set up a Facebook and Twitter page. Having said that, we're barely a week old, so we might revisit it down the line. From experience I've seen B2B brands not do tremendously well on Google+, could just be me though. FB/Twitter/LinkedIn are much more suited to B2B companies in my opinion, whereas Google+ can be better for B2C (again, I'm just speaking from personal experience, not making a general statement).

    We've promoted our website through community sites like Quora and Reddit to great effect, I'd defenitely suggest doing that. The important thing is that you test a few different things and see what works, you'll get a quick idea what sticks and what doesn't pretty soon. Good luck
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    According to my point of view, you should go with facebook instead of Google plus. Today everybody is active on facebook as compared to other social medias. So, i think facebook is the best platform for you to promote your website or business.

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    Google is shutting down Google+ for consumers after a security breach. A software error was discovered that gave developers access to private profile data of more than 500,000 users.

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    From what has been published Google + is being shut down. There was a massive data breach in March 2018 and the platform had never taken off. However it did cater to specific niches with quite passionate communities.

    First find out where your community hangs out and then look at doing focussed promotion. Contact influencers in your space and see what you can do with them.

    A shotgun approach is a waste of time ... and money.

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    Don't use Google Plus since Google is going to shut down google plus very soon.

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    Google+ has been buried!
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