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Thread: Credit Cards or No Credit Cards

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    I found my show it last night. The show's name is Masterminds not Criminal Minds.

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    This is an older thread but I really appreciated reading it. I was listening to a podcast this morning put on by SCORE talking about borrowing. They really mad it sound like it was such a good idea to do it. I have a good credit line for business, sometimes it's really scary how much I could borrow if I wanted to. My wife and business partner wouldn't borrow a dime if she had to, her upbringing... I let her control our spending. We are currently starting up a new business and I see a good probable return on our business plan. I want to jump in and buy 10k worth of equipment to have on hand when we open the doors. My wife is one who says work the job until you absolutely need it. I know she is right and after reading a few of the stories here I KNOW she is right.
    I think the long road is the safest. I'll keep the credit line clear for fast turn inventory on our retail side, if I have to pay 10 or 12% interest on it I'd rather make 40% ROI.
    Again, thanks everyone for the input!!!!


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