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Thread: Help finding cheap custom-print boxes/polybags for shipping

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    Default Help finding cheap custom-print boxes/polybags for shipping

    Hi all,

    We are a tech company located in Denmark.
    We are currently looking to find a supplier of custom printed boxes or polybags (e.g. a white/black box with our logo printed on the lid).
    - Our batch sizes would ideally be in the area of 50-100
    - Our product is small and ideally, we would be able to customize box sizes, but alternatively small boxes would do (ala W: 7 cm; H: 14 cm; D: 4 cm).

    Do you have any suggestions for cheap, fair quality solutions that ship internationally?

    Thank you,

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    Hi there,

    Have you looked on eBay? Friend of mine does the same concept and batch size as you and he "makes" his own unique boxes for his products. He just bought a whole bunch of small boxes on ebay and got a whole bunch of those "Avery" sticker/labels and printed his logos on there. Then all he does is stick the logo on the lid of the box. See if this one will fit your needs. I'm sure you can get smaller ones than this should you need.

    50 5x4x2 White Shipping Boxes Mailers Small Packing Mailing Strong Cardboard | eBay
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