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Thread: Is guest blogging still worth it?

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    I've never thought it was that extraordinary. Nor pursuing back-joins each one in turn. That is an exceptionally tight concentration today. I consider general advancement of my image and my items. So no, I could never visitor blog on somebody elses website for a back-interface, yet I would submit articles to surely understood and regarded productions for the general advancement of my image.

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    Guest blogging is still worth it but still be fair and focus on your target audience not to solely for search engine in a way that you will submit lots of content just to expose your link.

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    Default Reverse Blogging for getting quality content and backlinks :)

    The problem with guest blogging is that the more popular bloggers get a LOT of requests from other bloggers to carry their articles, and unless you have an absolutely fantastic, wonderful, unique article, you'll get turned down 95% of the time. So we're going to start using a strategy we recently discovered, called "reverse blogging" -- let's say you own a flower business called Jenny's Fantastic Flowers -- of course you sell flowers for dozens of different occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

    1. Choose a subject -- like weddings. Then do a general Google search for wedding bloggers, and make it local, as in "wedding blog Sacramento", and check out a few blogs.

    2. Making your search local will allow you to find mid-level bloggers, not someone that's nationally known (nationally known = too high-and-mighty and too busy), and obviously owns a real business (in other words, has a blog for his or her own business, not for a publication like a wedding magazine).

    3. Find one who includes links to other businesses in their posts -- in other words, is used to giving backlinks to other businesses (obviously understands the SEO value of backlinks).

    4. Once you've found a good blog, you then write a simple article on a related subject -- let's say it's about how a future bride could get flower ideas for her wedding. Then somewhere in your article you put a link that would read like this -- "Andrea Smith, owner of ABC Weddings in Sacramento has a great article on how she helps brides to come up with unique flower arrangements".

    5. Then immediately reach out with an email to that blogger -- "Hi Andrea, I read your blog and loved your post on helping brides to choose their flower arrangements so much that I linked to your page here (<< this would be the link to YOUR blog page, as in -- so she can click on it in your email and verify that you have linked to her page in your post) -- and I wonder if you'd consider writing an article of your choice that I could put on my blog? Of course I'd give you credit and a link to your website. You're very entertaining and full of great info, so I hope you find my blog to be worthy!" Andrea will be totally flattered and it's much more likely you'll get an article from her, and because people love linking to stuff they've written, your website will more than likely get a great link.
    6. Then when you do get an article from Andrea, be sure to give her credit under her article, with a link to her site.

    In addition to both of you getting great links, another great aspect of this strategy is that you can get quality content and links with very little effort on your part -- you don't even have to write a long, time-consuming, fantastic article. Why beg someone to publish your article on their blog when you can flatter someone and put their article on yours?
    If you like this idea, consider adding me as a friend on the forum?
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    I would say it is still a huge factor for SEO.
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