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Thread: Is guest blogging still worth it?

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    Yes, guest blog still played important role in SEO to generate traffic and ranking of your website.

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    Leaving back links for SEO is becoming less important.You need plugins on your website.
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    Guest blogging is mostly a relic of the old school internet when it was easy to get attention. Now the key to getting organic traffic is through producing quality content for your own website. However, there are still situations where guest blogging can be worthwhile, such as establishing a relationship with an influencer.

    Matt Cutts recommends guest blogging only if you want to link back and they have told you that they accept guest posts with their agreement on them linking back accordingly.

    More important is consistency in blog posts which gets people used to following your blog and looking at what you have been posting up on social media so they are more likely to click through or visit your content that way too!
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    Hi, Guest blogging for SEO in 2020 is absolutely worth it, as long as you're prepared to put in the time and leg work.” “In terms of link quality, guest blogging is still the best link-building strategy. Guest Blogging allows you to target high-quality websites and improve your chances of successfully securing backlinks

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    I think today blogging has gone a bit dead. Unless you a referring to "blogging" as posting content on social media platforms or a website that has a good following.


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