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Thread: B2B marketing for transport & logistics industry - where to start?

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    If your customers are in the manufacturing industry and you are providing logistics services to them, here are some ways to market business:

    Lead Scoring and Ideal Customer Profile:
    Building an ideal customer profile helps you segment your customers who are willing to buy from you. It is a description of a ficticious organization which gets significant value from your service or product. By knowing what they need and by figuring out how they will respond, your marketing strategies can evolve and become more personalized.

    Customer Prospecting:
    Find out the owners of these businesses and what their contact details are. These people are either CXOs or VPs - the key decision makers. Make a list of their email addresses and phone numbers and start either emailing or calling them. One of the most effective outbound B2B marketing strategies is email. Due to its low cost and wide reach, email is the cornerstone of every business marketing campaign. From cold email lead generation campaigns, to staying in touch with customers, email is a great way to funnel prospects and cold leads into engaging customers.

    Although telemarketing might be a controversial method of B2B marketing, it is extremely effective in engaging with potential customers who are already interested. Once contact has been made via email or by a lead filling out a website form, it is extremely important to follow up on the phone. This allows you to learn quickly about someone’s pain points and allows you to offer solutions to their problems

    Event marketing is a crucial part of lead generation. This can include attending tradeshows, webinars or a company function. Events offer you the chance to define your brand, clarify the solutions you provide, and establish personal connections with participants. Events also provide a venue to deliver speeches and content that convey your company’s thought leadership and raise your perception in the eyes of buyers. One of the most powerful experiences to promote your business is via face-to-face.

    The purpose of our business is to help small business like yours get more customers, so i hope these tips help you out a bit.

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    Well, social media is going to help you a lot on this as people are very much into social media and the more visibility you will get, the more people will know you. I mean, one can not completely rely on the same but yes do increase your online presence for better results.

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    You can try to get in touch with Cargolution. They have some experience with B2B logistics.


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