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Thread: Website Design good or not

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    Default Website Design good or not

    Dear All,

    I have a new website online now. I am still adding new products. Would you please see and tell me your likes and dislikes for my website ?
    What do you think about its apperarance, content etc?

    Thanks a lot for your feedback


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    It's OK. It fulfills the requirement of actually being online, but it's not that impressive, nor do I think it's designed or configured well to make any actual sales.

    On the design front, it's just not very well done. Fonts are too small on some areas. Too much wasted space above the fold. Images are mixed between OK, and bad. Text over images is washed out or unreadable. Font selection and color is bad all around.

    On the content side...copy writing is pretty bad or non existent in many areas. Structure of the content is pretty bad. The footer is a mess.

    As an ecommerce site, you don't have enough information about the company, shipping or return, the site isn't secure, no customer service phone number...I could go on.

    All around it needs some work. It comes off as sparse and amateurish, but not in a good "scrappy startup" way. In a bad doesn't look credible way.

    Sorry to be so harsh, but I don't think beating around the bush is what you were looking for.

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    Definitely hard to read. I can't tell what you want to sell me. It definitely looks like it was built using one of the many drag-and-drop services out there. Code says it's from Jimdo.

    When I click on an image on your product category listing, I want to go to that category - not see a bigger version of a useless image. That would be normal behavior. Giving users abnormal experiences will cost customers.

    Looking at the product listing, which item is the add-to-cart button for? Why do I need to contact you before ordering? Why can't I place a backorder request?

    On the checkout form, why are address fields separated (Country and Administrative Area are after date of birth)? Why am I at a different domain, especially one that says nothing to refer to your name? Is a birth date really required on online orders for general goods from Turkey?

    Why is the site not secure from end-to-end? Why is it only on checkout? SSL certificates are cheap.
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    Dear All,

    Thanks for your comments, , it seems a lot to do. Unfortunately, I have to choose one of templates supplied by JIMDO
    Would you please give me some real websites design for inspiration ?


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    I know many online shops try to create a “artsy” or “sophisticated” feel to the home page. As a shopper I pass right by them. Online selling may be sophisticated technically BUT it is still old fashion retailing.

    I want to see what the shop is about smack in my face as soon as I open the home page. I don’t want to guess what kind of merchandise it is or search for stuff. I also don’t like “cute” copy. Just tell me right away what you have, at least in general. Don’t try to tease me with ambiguous copy.

    Take a look at the big guys like sears, penny, kohl’s, or any other major retailer online. In my opinion the home page should get right to business selling something. Instead of abstract photos I’d put some merchandise on the home page. Get the consumer involved right away.

    Just my opinion as a shopper.


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