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Thread: Organic vs paid for

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    I can tell you horror stories of people who solely relied on organic traffic only to get their website wiped off the face of the earth i.e. Google with one of their "updates." I can also tell you horror stories of people who got their Adwords/Bing accounts banned and ultimately lose a lot of their traffic.

    The moral of the story is that you must have multiple ways of bringing traffic to your business. Period.

    Any kind of paid marketing requires a budget. You will lose money until you figure out your winning campaigns. It's really that simple. If you don't have a budget for paid marketing, then you need to focus on the the free effective marketing techniques until you do.

    SEO is a long-term strategy and in the end, there is no guarantee you'll even show up on the first page of Google. Nevertheless, I suggest you still optimize your blog and your blogs posts. At least make the attempt to get into the "ballgame."

    Don't forget that you can add social media to the mix. You'll want to learn how to do this effectively as well or else you're just wasting time.

    Ultimately, you do want to get to paid traffic because you can always scale it and turn on the traffic at will once you got winner campaigns.

    It doesn't have to be paid or organic - it should be both. If you're low on funds stick to no cost traffic methods - as long as you have the time to do it well.

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    When you first launch a website, using PPC can be a great way of driving traffic but also finding out what keywords are driving that traffic. You can then focus your SEO efforts on the big money keywords.

    Long term I would still aim to have a mix of both however I would continually strive towards getting more organic.
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    Thanks for the info. Even I was having these doubts.

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    I'm an advocate of building both organic and paid traffic. Paid traffic is like a light switch...turn on the spend and the traffic starts. Turn off the spend and the traffic stops. It can be a good way to create instant traffic. Organic takes longer to build up, but once you're established will give consistent results for a lower price. It will help decrease your lead acquisition costs.

    Creating organic traffic relies heavily on quality content marketing. Especially with the updated Google search changes, where they read entire site content and can even determine synonyms. Consistently publishing quality, interesting and relevant content is the best way to establish yourself organically. Publish in many different channels as well beyond your own website or social pages. Even guest write for different industry publications and include links back to your blog pages.

    Paid traffic can be tricky and expensive. Use the keyword research tool and become proficient in it before starting any new campaigns. Look for opportunities with keywords that maybe popular but under priced. Make sure you know how to write ads. There are many great articles out there about writing AdWord ads that convert well.

    We use Facebook and Instagram more than Google AdWords since we've been able to get lower cost per clicks. Facebook provides some excellent audience segmenting and targeting, and boosting popular posts can be a great way to increase your audience for a few dollars. Instgram business pages are relatively new, and people are still trying to figure them out. We've had luck there also and see cost per click even lower than FB. Look at who your audience is, determine what channels they live in, and select the best one. Just know there are other options besides AdWords.

    Finally, make sure you have your unique landing or opt-in pages set up and linked to the ads. A common mistake is dropping ad clicks onto your home page and hope they'll figure out what to do next. Make dedicated landing pages for each ad set with similar headlines, content, and a clear call to action.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Movadobgd View Post
    40% of the people don't understand the difference, so paid is a great choice if you want to get seen and heard fast.
    If you have money and someone who can really optimize your campaign, paid will do wonders instead you having to compete with big names to win the position.

    In any other case (not having a big budget) organic will do great, but it takes a lot of time.
    People do understand. Especially savvy internet users. "Ad blindness" is real. More and more people skip ads. There's a reason Google just unveiled new ad copy type and also has spent so much time with PLA's. Top of page ads are getting clicked less and less. Less than 60% of page interactions happen with text ads.


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