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Thread: What CMS are you using to build your website?

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    I don't have a website yet, but I'm considering joomla. It seems like joomla is the middle ground between wordpress and drupal in terms of functionality and how easy they are to use. I guess it depends on what kind of site your looking to build.

    Wordpress for blogs, small websites and ecommerce stores.

    Joomla for ecommerce stores and larger websites.

    And drupal for everything if you can handle it lol.

    I really think it comes down to what your doing and what you prefer. If you're comfortable using one system over the other, than use that one.

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    I am using joomla for my website because it is a lightweight content management system which is built with modern technologies. It has also so numerous tools which is used to make a attractive websites.

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    I like Wordpress too. Great and flexible platform, tons of themes and plug ins, and highly customizable. What's not to like?
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    I use Wordpress and the Site Builder at Web Host Pro, but most of my sites are custom PHP based sites with html and CSS.
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    WordPress is probably the most popular, because it is cheap for developers, completely customisable, so you can have a fantastic, highly functional, unique website. It is also cheap to maintain, as the hosting doesn't cost much. However, there are plenty other CMS systems out there. Our agency used squarespace in many occasions, as our clients prefer the easy interface, if they want to update the content in the future. I would suggest that you check out agencies and their portfolio and let the experts do the work. I know that businesses not always want to spend a lot of money on their first website, but agencies offer quite good prices and the quality will be much better, which will generate more traffic and more sales at the end of the day.

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    We have an online store on CS-Cart platform. Also we developed modules for Magento. In the past we had projects on WordPress, Joomla, X-Cart, Prestashop.
    Some of our developers have an experience with SaaS solutions: Shopify, Merchium.

    If you want to know the web developer's view, CS-Cart, Magento and Shopify are the most convenient systems for e-commerce. CS-Cart has a convenient administration panel, it is easy for customer to install and use CS-Cart. Magento is excellent for really big projects. It has a great amount of features that are essentials for enormous online stores with huge traffic. Shopify is a fast to open solution. If you want to try your efforts in e-commerce but you are short of money, Shopify helps you to start fast.

    We selected CS-Cart for our online store, where we sell additional modules for CS-Cart system, in 2010. It runs today as well. At the moment this shopping cart solved most problems with SEO. You can easily edit sitemap or robots.txt files. Also, the Google snippets are shown on product editing page. There is an ability to edit page meta data in the backend. In addition, CS-Cart works faster than Magento.

    Magento is an excellent solution too. It is a very configurable system, but it takes time to understand its logic and structure. The ordinary entrepreneur have to spend some days for Magento installing, server configuration and all products uploading in store. But if you make everything correctly, the Magento online store can serve you even if your business grows rapidly.

    WordPress is a popular off the shelf system, but it was created as a blog platform. So it suits more for blogs not for online stores. WooCommerce and VirtueMart are just add-ons.

    The small instruction how to choose the best CMS for your business.

    1. Think of the main function of your website before to choose CMS.
    2. Make a detailed list of the essential features your future website should have.
    3. Then compare the ready to use CMS features and your list of features.
    4. Select the solution that suits to your ideas better.

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