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Thread: Finally, the true story behind Gary Halbert's wealth

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    Default Finally, the true story behind Gary Halbert's wealth revealed

    I have been wondering about this, does anyone know how he managed to make so much money copywriting? thanks
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    By doing what we try to pound into every new member that asks us for help (or when we start pulling teeth getting information trying to point the aforementioned new members in the right direction).

    He knows what he has to offer.
    He knows he is an expert in his field.
    He knows what his time is worth to him.
    He's not scared to call out his "competition", as a generalization, for not putting in the proper techniques.
    Finally, like most well written sales copy, he focuses on the benefit to the end buyer rather than just facts.

    Out of curiosity, why didn't you pick that up from spending 10 minutes on Google. I've never heard of the guy until 15 minutes ago and I picked up my response to your query after reading (quite skeptically by the way) 2 random articles.

    Finally, if you want to get real technical, it appears that he used a subscription type of service (annual or lifetime). 1000 people per year at $150/year (approximately) yields a pretty high gross for 1 or 2 articles a month.

    Oh, and by the way, if you want to come across as credible, you really should give your thread titles a little more consideration. Your title screams "Big Reveal Inside", yet you're asking questions that you should be answering.
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    Just read his newsletters and you'll understand! The Gary Halbert Letter

    Plus, his Coat-of-Arms letter racked in a tooooooooooooon of money.
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    What most people don't understand in the sales process is the art of selling benefits... not features or facts.

    Yes, the XD-SŪ 3.3″ Single Stack .45ACP fires a .45 caliber bullet at 2300 ft per second with moderate recoil, accurate up to 100 yards, and weighs 21.5 without a clip ( not all are verfied facts but that's not the point)

    Those are not selling points those are facts... Selling points are like this...

    With a 3.3 in barrel, that makes this weapon easy to carry for concealed hand gun licensed holders and the .45 caliber round is great for personal protection. The weight of the pistol is so light it will not feel heavy on your waist at all.

    Those are benefits because there's also a 4.5 in model and it is almost twice as heavy and hard for concealed hand gun licensed holders to conceal and be confortable.
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