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Thread: What Helps You Rank Higher In Google?

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    What is a lead magnet?

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    Content. Onpage (title, description, photo, internal link); offpage (backlink, social)
    -> top rank google

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    I believe that great hard work stands by websites that are ranked high on Google. It is the result of productive marketing work and SEO. And of course, raising the brand awareness as well.
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    I will definitely recommend below mentioned set up if you want to rank your website on any niche (ranking period ofcourse depends on niche and keyword competitiveness):

    - Fresh updated unique content (atleast weekly)
    - Profile of that website on all major social networks (mainly G+,FB,Twitter,Pinterest,Instagram,Youtube)
    - Try to post viral content on all this social networks (helps in traffic as well as brand promotion as well as ranking)
    - Backlinks from only verified high branded sites (atleast PR-7-9 ) (Build only 40-60 every month works like a charm)
    - Backlinks from Parasite sites (2016 new SEO method)
    - Create and promote videos (Today videos are the latest trends as well as its helps on ranking too)
    - Viral Social shares of your posts (pretty self explanatory)

    Hope this helps

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    SEO helps you to rank higher on Google.

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    There is nothing like that to rank a website fast. There are two options short term and long term. For short term you can rely on PPC and with good optimized PPC campaign you can get quick leads but for the long term objective SEO would be a good option but again you need to invest time and money for that. A good SEO can't be fast. If you are looking for long lasting results then you need to focus on SEO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Owen View Post
    I'm going to be starting yet another startup soon. Yes, I know what you've been saying for months now Harold and yes, I am actively doing that, I'm almost certified in business administration, personal finance, and marketing. School does wonders, heh, who knew?

    And yes, this does have a little teeny-tiny bit of funding from my part time job (currently making $10 an hour working 20-30 hours a week), which will be going towards hiring developers (probably hourly), advertising across Google Adwords, etc.

    But my question is: what gets websites to rank so high, even when they're only a few years old? What are the secrets? Should I pay for managed services like Attracta?
    I would really focus on matching your product or service with relevant customers. The best thing for your website, and business in general, is to solve the problems of your customers. Just a few questions to ask yourself,

    -Who are my ideal customers?
    -What are they looking for?
    -What questions do they have?
    -Does my website/business answer those questions?
    -What can my business do to help them?

    The better you help your customers solve their problems, the better your ranking will be. The search engines recognize this as their trying to connect customers with relevant businesses.

    As for hiring an seo firm, I'd listen to googles advise! The link below is to an article from google "do you need an seo?". It'll get you pointed in the right direction.

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    If you want to get high rank in search engines, you have to do both onpage and offpage SEO. Just concentrate on meta keywords, title, Url structure of your website. Apart from this, in Offpage method, try to get good backlinks for your website by doing article submissions, classifieds, slideshae submissions etc. It will be definitely improve your website's ranking.

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    Real backlinks, they are essentially votes toward your website. The more votes you have, the better you rank.

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    SEO can help you rank in google and PPC gets you leads and traffic. And by SEO I mean both onpage and offpage. Your website should have the right content, titles, descriptions etc. And you need good backlinks coming to your site.


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