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Thread: What Helps You Rank Higher In Google?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Owen View Post
    So if I pay $10 a month for Attracta SEO, how much do you think that would help my rankings if you google something that doesn't include my site name like when you search 'jobs' pops up?
    Well, $10 is a big joke for SEO work. I don't think it will go places. Most of the time SEO services are not cheap and oftentimes they charge high which is why not everyone can afford them.

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    No! The work to get your website to the top of the ranks is way harder than what can be done for 10 dollars a month. When I first started in this awesome forum I owned a separate website from the one I own now. It was (I can give the link freely...its not spam as it doesn't exist anymore.) I hired an SEO company for a monthly fee (it was like 85 a month) and they got me google smacked.

    It was around the time penguin first came out. That site never recovered. It went from position 14, to non existent... and it was a lesson learned Luckily I had ruffled the feathers of an existing franchise directory who knew what I was up too, had the url, was checking daily and seeing the companies I was getting signed under on my then freebee listing to build clientele, and I placed a call and was able to sell the company to them (for those who are gonna ask how I convinced them to buy my company I disrupted their norm with free ads, and then during my call advised I was trying to see if we had any "synergies" in common... Its a BS word, purposefully so, as I was trying to tactfully let them know I was looking for help, and I was just vulnerable enough for them to start thinking of absorbing me Anyways I sold the now google smacked company for mere chump change compared to the work I had put in on closing those franchise ad's. It was in no way a win. Somewhere on this forum is the original post I put up when it happened.

    I was livid and had learned a hard lesson. I received some outstanding advise from some one in the forum. They said, it would be better to build articles your self just one a week, and build up your content.. I listened. I took the money from the sale of allyoucanfranchise, and put everything I had in terms of time online spreading the word legitimately and all the money I had in to and it became a success. witnessed here by all of the regulars in this forum. I gotta say, now.. some years later, I think that is the best advise. I want to echo what Harold said. It is indeed a Marathon of every thing he mentioned. There is NO WAY to sprint through it. You need to get to work on social media, blogs, articles, video content, and most need to be an awesome resource/source for the information you are putting out there. If you are not, google and the rest of the search engines will see through it and you will never ever gain ranking. The 10 dollar a month offer is literally prima facia BS. Its not possible I promise.
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    Well, the simple answer for your question is that you should try to focus on good SEO practices with quality back links. The SEO includes both on page and off page of your site.

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    Five Ways to Improve your Site's Ranking

    Publish Relevant Content,Update Your Content Regularly,Title Metadata,Description ,Keyword ,Have a link-worthy site,Use alt tags

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    Its the overall website performance in the web in which will reflect to the rankings and especially to the target users.

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    Content marketing helps to rank keyword faster in the search engine.

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    There are many factor which is responsible for rank high in Google:

    Secured site with HTTPSCheck for mobile friendly
    Page Speed Matter
    Webpage content quality
    Webpage content length
    Quality backlinks
    Optimized Alt tag
    Domain Age
    Optimized Metadata - (Title, Desccription, Keywords)
    Keywords Optimization
    Optimized H1 tag

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    In order to best increase your website's authority in Google's SERP (search engine results page), it is imperative that you first optimize your site's SEO. There are several ways that this can be done and I have laid out the steps to do so below:

    Step 1: Modifying your website's title tag
    Every website utilizes a specific “tag” that marks the title of the site. In the html coding, it is designated by <title>###</title>. The keywords used in this title tag are very important in improving your website’s SEO. Here are a few examples of very well known and powerful sites with high page ranking:
    1. Use the same keywords in your Site Title as in your H1 tag below.
    2. Site Title must not exceed 70 characters long, spaces included.
    3. Begin your Site Title with your business name.
    4. If you are a Local business include your city/state/county/suburb. Local information helps Search Engines to direct local users attracting more visits from local searches.
    5. Try incorporating your most relevant keyword in your Site Title i.e. the word you think a client would type into a Search Engine search to find your website.
    6. Make sure your Site Title is easy to read and attractive – A relevant and descriptive Site Title is more likely to attract users to ‘click’ in Search Engine results.
    7. Use the pipe sign (|) to distinguish different parts in your Site Title (See Jeep example above)

    Step 2: Adding keywords in content
    It is necessary to ensure that you are utilizing specific keywords related to your Brand in the text. In the end, these keywords are what bring visits to your site and raise your ranking on Google. It is important that you use these keywords throughout the website. However, you do not want to overdo it, Google-Bot is smart enough to know when you are “stuffing” the site with the keyword in order to cheaply raise your ranking on their website. You need to keep density of your keyword usage in your site, without unnecessary usage of them. (<10% density)

    Step 3: Using keywords in headings
    Another large portion that Google looks for keywords at is in the content headings (<h1>, <h2>, etc.).

    Step 4: Use of <alt> tags
    In laymans terms, an <alt> tag is simply the description of an image. Google-Bot is unable to read images, however, it is able to read the unseen tags in the html coding of the image. By thinking of ways to name your images with keywords that are both relevant and that you want to be found by, this could lead to people finding your images when they are searching on Google. In it’s most basic form, <alt> tags are primarily used to specify alternative text for the image if it cannot be displayed for some reason. Step 5: Use of metatags/meta-descriptions
    Although Google does not rely on these very much now a days, They cannot do anything but improve your websites page ranking. A couple search engines that do utilize them however, are Yahoo and Bing. It isn’t of the utmost importance, but it is something that could potentially help your ranking.

    Additionally, ensure that your meta description that you have set is utilizing keywords for your site. These meta descriptions can also be embedded in the html of the website to provide Google-Bot with relevant information on what a particular page is about.

    Step 6: Inbound links
    You need to get your name out there. Not just by word of mouth and getting people to like your Facebook page, you need to get your link out there. Press releases are a great way to do so, but there are also many other ways to get your link to be known. Not only do you need to establish quantity when getting backlinks to our site, but Google-Bot also takes into account where those links are coming from (how well known the other site is). For example, “.gov .org. & .edu” sites establish more credibility and are more heavily favored by Google-Bot.
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    Quality content and backlink are most important factors for ranking in google.

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    I never ranked my own website before but now I do and prefer all the SEO strategies to get a better rank (offline for now).


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