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Thread: Cafe Business Start-up

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    Quote Originally Posted by snuffkin View Post
    Harold Mansfield gave a really exhaustive answer. I just add that also you'll need to find good suppliers, that's one of the key components. Make a list of what you need (and you need a lot): kitchen supplies, janitorial stuff, packaging, cuttlery, etc etc, it will be an overwhelmingly long list. I can recommend as a site where you can find at least a half of what you need. I bought kitchen equipment here myself, it was a relief to cross things off the list.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stephanj54 View Post
    Man...where to begin. Before I started my website and home remodeling, I worked Waffle House for years. I even managed one... that alone was a headache, but I really enjoyed it. Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself:

    Am I really ready for the hassle? - If you and your husband are prepared to deal with customers and employees alike, then Yes, you are ready. Some customers always look to make things difficult, and some are difficult to deal with due to something going on in their life. Sometimes you just need to know when to turn the other cheek.

    What location will I use? - Depending on your area, some locations are expensive or just do not fit a food business. If you are close to a major highway or interstate, they usually generate the best response(In my state they place food logos on the exit signs to let the people know if there is a restaurant at that exit!).

    What will be on the menu? - This is where a ton of Cafes/Diners/Restaurants fail! What has made so many "breakfast diners" a success has been the overhead cost of food. Eggs, Bacon, Sausage, etc are cheap when buying from a supplier, therefore they can mark it up to $3.99 for a breakfast and still make money!

    Also be advised on local laws and state laws on license and permits. A business license is generally cheap but permits to run anything in the food industry can be pricey. The best way to save some money sometimes is to use an already existing building to open your diner and remodel. If the existing building has tables/chairs/etc. find a way to refurbish them so that you do not use all your assets in making the place look good, but not having the funds to make your first food order or pay employees.
    I would also add
    How much employees do you want? I bet you and your husband won't handle the business alone. You'll need a few extra pairs of hands.

    Where do you want to place you business? Do you know the right place to rent?

    Also you need to know what food and beverage you will be serving. I would suggest getting and installing Connected coolers so you could control the storage.


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