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Thread: The Best Way to Expand My Business?

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    Agreed your model brings a lot of value. Something to keep in mind, and I’m sure you know this already, is the people who need your services the most are likely the least technically savvy. One suggestion that’s worked for our business is to try some out of home advertising—especially if you are targeting people in a local / regional area (I get the impression you might be since you are cold calling and you do local SEO). It may seem old school, but it’s worked for us. It’s hard to put an exact ROI on the signs, truck signs/stickers and billboards, but there is plenty of anecdotal evidence in the way of “I saw your advertisement” comments from new customers. Plus, overall revenue is up since we started.

    We have our office supply account with Staples and every month we have them include something additional like a new sign, flyers, magnets for trucks, etc. It’s worked out great for us. Hope this helps and good luck with the business.

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    I really appreciate your decision to scale down on the cold calling because I also don’t express my interest when I got cold call so if you want to reach out and contact prospective
    Clients, then you should apply some other ways like online marketing or offline marketing.

    I am a marketing consultant and I would like to suggest you something better ways to increase your clients. Still, if you don’t have any website with your business then must develop a “targeted” websites. Target those people who really want and needs like you. Sometimes Words cannot say things but the picture can. You can put your thoughts in an image that will definitely work. You can use the image with online marketing as well as offline marketing.

    You can share your thoughts via the image on social media, Share your thought by writing blogs. The best way is offline marketing in which you can share your business through a flyer, Template, Billboards or even through outdoor hoarding. Because people always read this thing and take some interest in the particular business. You may also hire one graphic designing agency which gives all the facility like these. But be sure you have best offers and gives the best facility!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RogerMudd009 View Post
    I started my business as a local SEO about a year ago and have watched my client list slowly increase over that time.

    I've used adwords and various forms of social media, but my best results have come from cold calls.

    My "hook" - I will build and rank a targeted lead generating website for free and I am only compensated based on the leads the website generates.

    My clients (especially those with minimum marketing budgets) have reacted favorably to the fact that they only pay for the results.

    The problem is that - even though, yes, cold calling has yielded the best results so far - most business don't seem to respond well to cold calls. And while I would like to scale up to pull in more clients I would like to scale down on the cold calling. Which is why I created this thread.

    I would like to here from small business owners about what you feel would be the best way to reach out and contact perspective clients (or more specifically "how would you prefer to be contacted")?

    Thanks in advance, I look forward to your ideas.

    Have you tried in person networking? (BNI, local chamber of commerce, etc.)

    With a powerful offer like you're prepared to make, a LOT of business owners would be happy to work with you to give it a trial. I'd argue that you should ask for a testimonial however, if they aren't going to pay you. If you aren't able to generate leads for them, they can still say that you are honest, do the work well and of high quality, and would be glad to work with you again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by damienzero View Post
    Having worked in telemarketing for a while I understand the situation you are in. Although effective, cold calling can be a very tedious and mundane task. What I having been looking into lately is social media, It seems as this is the direction marketing is going towards. As I have heard many millennials say "If your not on social media your not in my radar." But, then again it all depends on what your business is in this case SEO and exactly what types of business your trying to target.
    Interesting insight. I think my only worry when I've tried to look at drumming up a social media presence is that people are only exposed to what they want to see and depending on the nature of your business, people may not want to actively see you!
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    Thanks for this post i was little reluctant on cold calling for generating sales but this has really helped
    I am also into offline business so does offline cold calling also helps?

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    If you want a successful business you should go after it, and as a part of your marketing strategy cold calls might be quite effective sales tactic, if you use it in a proper way.

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    • Add new products and services to your mix.
    • Sell more products and services to your existing customers.
    • Expand into new territories.
    • Target new customer markets.
    • Tap into new sales and delivery channels.
    • I hope this information helps!
    • Lewis

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    You are selling your SEO service, right? How about you do SEO of your website in the niche you want to work in? Show them the results you have achieved with your site. Furthermore, cold-calling works but it takes a lot of time and patience. All the best!
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    Cold calling only works for local customers. If you want to run your business internationally. we must have to do SEO and social media
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    I have been working in the marketing side for over 2 years and found that SEO is beneficial but there are other methods within SEO which can further be used. Another better way to market a company could be done through social media marketing which has proven to be a success since most people are using social media. Some of the most famous platfors include Facebook, Twitter or Instagram but for professional use I would suggest LinkedIn.


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